Saturday, March 15, 2014

Perth County Farm Tour

The Barn tour was on our side of the county today
we liked this heifer barn on the Teviotdale road
feeding alee off centre and straw storage above 
The next barn had some kittens
a robot barn we hadn't seen yet
What shall we say about the weather?
Marc is getting some drivers training in snow 


Olga Shaffer said...

What's the benefit of having an off-centre feeding alley?

Anja said...

The younger heifers need less space that the older ones. So if you centre everything your pen sizes don't match with what you really need. Look at the smart way they did it in this barn. Look at where they put the support posts.

Olga Shaffer said...

Tha makes a lot of sense. And I see what you mean about the support posts. Definitely something to consider if you decide to replace the old barn.