Sunday, January 11, 2015

Driving is much faster then flying

They were supposed to arrive on Thursday at Waterloo-Kitchener 
in the evening but the weather was bad
on Friday they even boarded a plane in Waterloo Iowa but couldn't land in Chicago
fuel lines were frozen from American Airlines, strange!
so Saturday morning they rose early to take a plane from Cedar Rapids at 6.15AM 
this was driving an our and a half to a different airport
but there was no crew or pilot so leaving at 8.32 they missed their Toronto connection
for 11.15 landing 
next connection would be late at night in Toronto
the new destination
but the people at the airport were helpful and got them on the Waterloo-Kitchener plane
landing at 4.15PM
so they will fly back to Waterloo Iowa but their car is in Cedar Rapids

That is their plane

carry-on suitcases are coming out

moved to a place where the passangers go by 

a bit of salt on the ramp

There they are

almost there

so good to see them

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