Saturday, March 21, 2015

Barn Tour Perth County

6 barns, 2 robot barns and 4 tie-stall

big airy barns

These people had a cat that could go up but couldn't come down by itself
so they made a cat-walk

all the calves liked to lay under the boards, maybe less drafty?

We saw Jeff and his dad in 5 of the 6 barns

There were even different breeds (another farmer had 1 Ayrshire)

a Juno was going around that we think could have gone to our place

some cows like to spread the feed around
right after the feed pusher went

Cnossome Anouk
we know an Anouk Cnossen

a muddy day for sure

flush barn

We went with John, it was a good day

The Truck needed a wash

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