Monday, April 13, 2015

Kom in de Kas Vierpolders

By the Noordams

with my in-laws, so glad we went

The barn is new and looks really good

a calf was born during the open house, that was the main attraction for a while

we got a personal tour from Arie

the custom worker put the machinery in order of use
starting with the disk bine ending with the baler

this cow likes to brush it's tail

Marjolein, so nice to see them

oldest Larry

  and youngest (middle) Alex

this is the floor, very different
rubber and closed somehow for ammonia

the 2 robots are beside each other

lots of room yet to expand 

we had some homestyle French Fries, yum 


Olga Shaffer said...

Looks like a lot of fun to see! Do they have the A4? How long have they had the robots? Fun to see so many familiar faces. :)

Anja said...

I think their robots are very new and yes they are A4