Saturday, May 27, 2017

First 3 Falls

It's a good idea to see falls after we had lots of rain
first we hiked a part of the Bruce trail that was re-routed

a very popular part of the trail is closed now
 due to private owner closing it

This Hermitage Cascade left side is privately owned too

The plan was to have a longer stop at the first waterfall 
it took a while to get there

so we had a short break 

lots of "forget-me not" blooming

this used to be the trail, very pretty

Canterbury Falls, now a side trail
Marian is taking a picture of me

this one

these falls had a well placed bench so we enjoyed 
a lunch break

The old mill has falls at their property

a very nice place to sit outside with a beverage, maybe next time

we also appreciated some smaller falls