Friday, July 7, 2017

Bruce trail Concession street Parking Lot to Tiffany Falls

Start at Concession street, a very nice parking lot 
free parking and close to the trail

the start was beside Arkledun av with a view over Hamilton

here we are between Clairmont access and James Mountain rd
between roads in a piece of green but with car smells and sounds

still very pretty

saw this person sleeping and another man was yelling very loud
to himself, we waited until he left to proceed our route

James street stairs

we just crossed them underneath

next set of stair we only had to walk down a piece
Dundurn Stairs
lots of people went up and down for exercise 

It was much harder to get to waterfalls here
they were mot as accessible 

we hiked quite a bit along the Chedoke Radial Trail
a very popular biking / hiking trail

up on top a pretty waterfall
mountview waterfall

indeed there was a view

we also found black raspberries 

ripe for the picking

Iroquoia Heights

Crossing of the 403

back in the bush, here we didn't hear traffic anymore

nice view

back to stairs, these were sometimes quite deep

and after this we had to go all the way up again

Tiffany Falls

very pretty,
 a lot less water then the last time we were her

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Olga Shaffer said...

That second last picture is gorgeous