Monday, October 16, 2017

Day 2 Niagra

Day 2 Anita joined us for the first 10 km

never before did we pass a Tim Hortons on the trail 
this section had way more streets then usual

the reason why we walked more streets was likely because
we crossed quite a few roads and Locks
2 series of locks that are not in use anymore

and also locks that are still in use

 This rail bridge went down but we didn't see a train on it

Using the self-timer

These old locks are not very solid anymore in places

this looked like a very insignificant lift

here much more of a change

we walked for a while beside a golf course 
escarpment club, we saw a few golf balls

and some other ball like fruits
so many black walnut trees here, 
we saw the seeds everywhere

this is one of the best views along the escarpment
close to Brock University

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