Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Maple Syrup

we went for  a tour at the Hoover place

had pancakes and maple syrup saw a very well made video

walked to the bush

Maple syrup gets into high gear at 5C, it was running

talked about different trees these Ash and Beech were among the maples
and many other varieties

most trees can be tapped every year
40 liters gets you 1 liter syrup

lots of lines crisscrossing 

there is quite a bit of walking involved finding leaks
road trees have a much higher sugar content (4x as much)
more leaves exposed to the sun makes sweeter sap

some leaks are made by squirrels, a small woodpecker, 
young deer chewing or turkeys
some of the damage they know who did it because of wildlife cameras

inside the sap was boiling

lots of wood is used a cord every 1 1/2 hour

and all this hard work gets you Maple Syrup

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