Saturday, August 30, 2014

3rd Cut

We had a lot of 3rd cut

It wasn't going to fit in the silo

so we invited Jim
Hi new baler doesn't always park the bales flat

Likely better when the bales are longer

Rien and Marc pick them up

Starting our "sausage"

Mostly it goes on "auto"

but you do need someone around to do the manual button

Jim gives Rien instructions, even though I was pushing the buttons

3rd Cut in the silo

The third cut looks like our best cut yet
Lots of volume

filling silo

Going fast

the open piece in the corn is where we hope to build


covering the silo

2 different plastics

rolling out the heavy plastic on top of the sealer
the wind isn't helping

holding down the plastic

throwing on the tires

lots of feed

Friday, August 29, 2014

46 Jars of Peaches

4 boxes of peaches x 2/3 of a bushel is.... 
....a lot of work
first you dunk them in boiling water so the skin loosens

rinse the jars
fill jars with peaches, sugar and lemon juice

water bath


one of our favourites peach upside down cake


Thursday, August 28, 2014


only 2 loads of small squares
We'd turned the straw on Saturday in the hope it dried

Jim said it was the driest Straw so far this year

Back at the farm, second load almost done

81 big Bales to pick up


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Family Pictures

Volley Ball with a very high net

Gwen couldn't remember her watering cans ever being used as field markers

Working hard with only a team of 2

Karissa tried out my camera

she took some nice close-ups

and I made it in her pictures

Kids are such a great subject
big smiles

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

30 year Anniversary

Gwen and Eric celebrated their 30 year anniversary
we were invited for a yummy lunch and
 ice-cream cake dessert
We had a nice variety of family

She's leaving soon, we are excited for you Moria

Gwen's parents

and Cor was there for the day too

enough sitting

time to play

or tour the flower beds
It was supposed to be warm but the clouds stayed around

New additions were Corey and Corne