Wednesday, May 31, 2017

First Cut

 This is the kind of weather we've had
sun and wet
sometimes you get really nice shots like this double rainbow

on Monday Rien decided to start 1st cut
with lots of rain in the forecast, 
hoping that most showers would miss us

Marc cut the whole day

the first field accompanied by a Coyote 

and a turkey
it may be looking for it's nest

Dark clouds came and went

short bursts of rain even accompanied by hail

Not the kind of sky you want to see above your hayfield
all in all we had 4 showers with a grand total of about 6mm

today Marc started merging

with the hope that it would dry out a bit more

Early evening we started to fill the first bunk

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sherman Falls

The last Falls we saw
privately owned
up on the right you see a private viewing deck

so many waterfalls almost make you think 
oh another one, nice!

So much to see
It changes my perception of Hamilton as a dirty steel town

walking away

to the parking lot, going home

Monday, May 29, 2017

Tiffany Falls

crossing over to see Tiffany Falls

fast running water

2 bridges

so so pretty

viewing platform

 the coop student taking the pictures

even the rocks around it look great

back on the other side of the busy road

on the way to the next falls

sometimes I am to lazy, 
this picture would have been great without the powerlines

Saturday, May 27, 2017

First 3 Falls

It's a good idea to see falls after we had lots of rain
first we hiked a part of the Bruce trail that was re-routed

a very popular part of the trail is closed now
 due to private owner closing it

This Hermitage Cascade left side is privately owned too

The plan was to have a longer stop at the first waterfall 
it took a while to get there

so we had a short break 

lots of "forget-me not" blooming

this used to be the trail, very pretty

Canterbury Falls, now a side trail
Marian is taking a picture of me

this one

these falls had a well placed bench so we enjoyed 
a lunch break

The old mill has falls at their property

a very nice place to sit outside with a beverage, maybe next time

we also appreciated some smaller falls

Friday, May 26, 2017

Around the house

the lawn gets cut

the onions are growing well

we have had lots of rain

a good year for tulips

cleaning the eaves troughs 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Days For Girls

a kit

containing underwear and reusable pads
8 thin squares folded in 4 so it doesn't leak
but thin enough it dries in a reasonable time

so girls in third world countries don't have to miss school
2 of our group shared their enthusiasm 

One is a wiz with a sewing machine

she made over 2200 inserts already
the reusable pads