Friday, October 31, 2014

Lifestock trailer painted red

Marc has been working many hours on the lifestock trailer

finally it is ready to be painted

everywhere in the shop there is a layer of the old red paint

the new one is brighter

may fit better with our truck
and will likely last longer

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Marc has Wheels

Marc picked up his wheels
a Chevy Silverado
Hope he will drive it for many years

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Up to Tobermory, Bruce trail

Finishing a piece on the road for only 3km north of Lion's Head

Saw some nice cottages

We've walked very few km on the road this year

for 3 km we didn't need our gear

We drove to Tobermory for the last 7km of the trail
 putting on a backpack for this part

finally a nice snake picture

A guy with a camera came by and we asked him to take a picture

last few steps for these 2 ladies

They did the whole Bruce trail in 4 seasons

We keep hiking, but a little closer to home now

Monday, October 27, 2014


We were in Walkerton for Marc's road test
yes, we have a new licenced driver in the family

Behind the Licence Office is a dam, we had a few minutes to spare

so we took a closer look

Fieldwork at the neighbours

Eric & Trevor putting in a new drain last week

Today we dropped by in Cliffort, beans being combined

and winter wheat planted

Marc went for a ride with Trevor

Must feel good to get fieldwork done

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Building Wrap Up for the Week

Measure and call and hoping the posts are in the right spot

Next week it will really start to look like a barn

While we were harvesting we had people excavating and pouring cement
and people making sure the slats were level

amazing so many people all working at our farm

Friday less hectic but still some building going on

and some excavating

Closing the Silo

Fog is a blessing, even cold fog
Rolling out plastic without having to put temporary tires on it

we could start right away with the bags and the tires in place
Later the sun came out but still not much problems with the wind
because we started both silos during the fog

Throwing on some more tires

I like the background of this picture

Rien is standing between the silos

Friday, October 24, 2014

Corn Silage

It was time to fill up our bunk silo

Due to the construction it was very busy in our yard
So we started with the back field

One silo was done by Greg

the weight still has the smiley face on it

The other silo was done by Marc

The idea was 3 loads for Greg 2 load for Marc
the silos are different sizes

We had a visit form a photographer friend
She took some great pictures with her very heavy camera
The sun was perfect at this time of day

I took some too

Just because I do it every year

looks full to me

time for the next load