Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Food and Fellowship Easter Weekend

Easter Breakfast Maasdijk

then service at the Hoeksteen (Cornerstone)

We biked, and so did many other people

Rien met a guy that he used to play korfbal with
Korfbal is a ball sport not played in many countries

Coffee at Nel and Arie
this is Siem

Evy is getting some fruit

Nel in her new kitchen stirring soup

The sun was almost to hot, so nice the weather on this Easter weekend

Our evening supper was at Huib and Anita

they love to cook as a Family

white Asparagus, very yummy 

Saying goodbye to Rien's mom
forgot to take pictures from our walk

visitors in the cottage

in the icy cold water

so fun to have visitors come

Rianne and peter came in the Studebaker

was almost to hot to drive this beauty

special car

Nel and Wim leave too on their bikes

last visitors of the day Nel and Arie

Monday, April 29, 2019

A Few More

Going for Brunch 

near the Dom Kerk

but we were early, so first a visit with Jozien
She lives in Canada but about 4000 km away

table is ready

by invitation of mom and dad

all my siblings and partners / spouses were there

Brunch at "NON" daughter of my best friend growing up

She's doing great with her business 

we'd already been underneath the "snelbinder" with our car

a former almost neighbour asked us for directions
she's only gone 2 years (we almost 30)

slowly going up

crossing a very busy road on this interesting bike bridge
you can turn right or left to change directions in the middle

back to the beach

most tourists are of  German descent 
but few signs are in the  German language

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Family visits

biking behind the dunes

Ter Heide

visitors from Groesbeek

sharing a meal

oma loves to see pictures

hanging out with the Noordams

sharing a meal here too

Friday, April 26, 2019

Beach Days

Beach at TerHeide

sea shells

sand angels (instead of snow angels)

let's try the water

about 5-6C very cold

but Rien did it

Playing with the sun

 often lots more bikes

more fun taking pictures when the sun goes down

and with the 4 of us going for a walk