Saturday, September 29, 2018

Grand Valley Trail map 12-13

start at Weisenberg rd

surprising amount of trail was in a bush area, very nice

view towards Pilkington overlook

trees are turning colour

picnic table at Caroll creek bridge

with some older but still comfortable lawnchairs
good place for lunch

Then a section with very high weeds
we knew we were on the path only because there were blazes

lots of hitchhikers (plants)

getting to Elora Gorge park
there were still people in the water

so pretty

down in the gorge
we had so much trouble finding the trail here
we went out through a hole in the fence by the baseball diamond
don't believe that was the official trail

walk through Elora

some person had fun with a blaze

back at the beginning

Friday, September 28, 2018

Kids in the yard

Such a smiley baby

Elijah was with opa spreading fertilizer 

so Riah was alone in the sandbox

she loves sand

a little to much, 

she eats it

the big toys work so well here

when Marc was little we didn't have pavement
glad we kept this car

Riah needs a little help

but she has fun

so amazing that toys survive this long
this one was Marc's too

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Elijah has a sleepover

Elijah has a sleep over by opa and oma

he loves the sandbox

prefers later in the day when the wind dies down

the cows are curious

the barn is more fun when you're not to close-up

lots of play time

starting with Grandpa Poot's barn in the morning

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Brantford and Dundas

Going to Brantford


and outside on the deck

all wrapped up in the hammock 

we hung a hose in the pool
It may take a few days to drain
once it's gone it's a lot safer for the kids to go outside and play

lunch at Dutch mill near Millgrove

back on the farm they were wrapping bales

Finnish the silo

To do a good job packing, some corn gets over the wall

all the walls need to get clean
I use a shovel, Rien does it with his hands

rolling out the first layer
the topseal

The bags with pea stones go on top of the plastic on the walls

time for the tires

doing 2 silos at once is a lot of tires

I'm usually invited to spread them out too

It didn't really fir so the silos are extended
that was actually a lot of hard work

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Packing the silo

Marc is packing with Royalmar's tractor

Rien with ours

each has their own silo

this is a nice tractor for packing


going back and forth

Father and son

I like this picture

It's an art to get the silo packed right

another load

2 loads for Marc, one for Rien

with 3 trucks it's steady going