Thursday, February 12, 2015

Reapers - Filling Soup Bags

This is the Assembly Line
All around are the bins with the dried vegetables
Carrots are poured into a bin

I did carrots for a while
pouring about a cup into a bucket

Riek did potatoes
and she put the buckets on the conveyor belt

Checking for the right weight
In another part of the building, labels were put on bags
Jean and I worked on that for a while
and piled into piles of 100 bags
did that too

Here in the back bags were then filled

And sealed

Packaged in boxes by Peter...

...and Johannes

Ready to be shipped, these I believe are going to the Ukraine


Olga Shaffer said...

Such a neat ministry! (And very nice pictures)

Anja said...

I missed Gordon in my pictures, he was there, wonder what he was doing?