Thursday, February 19, 2015

Taking out the old cow Mattresses

A big day today, we were surprised they showed up with this cold

Every time the door opens there is instant Fog

Cutting up the old mattress in pieces

and grinding off the old base boards

Remove the top layer, then the rubber filled tubes
Looking through a cleaned patch (removed ice) 
So the Skid Steer can come in again without having the door open to long

Even mid-day still -20C
what a cold day!


Olga Shaffer said...

Where were the cows while they worked on the mats? I bet it feels nice to have this done too.

Anja said...

We had the milk cows on the other side, moved the 4 that were occupying 32 stalls, we have lots of room these days.

Then we moved a sorted group of milk cows to the robot, rerouted them to the pen and they crossed back to the other side in groups. It was an intense kind of day