Monday, February 16, 2009

Soaking in the Text

A picture taken with Joelle's camera. It was so good to see her again. We went on the same trip to Israel in November '07. There are still 5 missing on the picture that were in Waterdown too. We have learned so much from RvL. He loves to teach the bible. He spends almost 80% of his break still teaching. Other times we learned about thinking in "word pictures" also discipleship "walk as Jesus walked" and this time about "the Kingdom of Heaven". I'd love to go on a trip with RvL to Israel preferably with all 4 of us in the group. It would be a lot of walking, mandatory practise is 6-8 miles a day for 3 months prior to the trip. We would experience Israel radically different, walking the land instead of driving in a bus, the world of the bible would come alive.

Early in the morning leaving Olga's "off campus" living quarters.


jozien said...

Sounds good Anja. Are you going on the trip?

Anja said...

Id di sign up for more info. It would be next year June or the end of October. I would love to go!