Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cormorants in Opeongo

In search for moose we'd driven out to Opeongo lake
There we opted for an hour boat tour
they bring mostly campers out to their campsite
We chose to see the cormorants colony
It looks kind of cool
The trees are bare and look like masts of a ship
after a while the trees fall down and they move to another island
This island is a prime candidate
the gulls are still there but the cormorants are scouting it out
the 3rd island was already established but still had some green
talking about acid rain...

there was a sign on this island "no camping" duh!
Lake Opeongo is far to big for my liking
this day the water was calm but people have drowned here
specially in the north because of wind and merging water
I wouldn't mind starting a canoe trip here with the water taxi
at least then you start where it's a lot nicer canoeing


Olga Shaffer said...

Do I understand correctly that these cormorants find an island, kill all the trees, and then find another island?

Anja said...

The trees get killed by the manure, it is so acidic.
Then when the trees are dead they fall over and the cormorants look for a new island. They like being in the trees