Friday, January 31, 2014

Family Bonding part 3

continually the snow is blowing around
making this big snowbank even higher
we can walk over the snow to our trouble area
even the lower area is above the gates
you can see the snow blowing in this corner
behind the board where the blower intakes are,
 it is filled with snow
That is why the tubes have snow in them
here we are vacuuming the snow out of the Isocells
we had to empty the shop vac 5 or 6 times
we worked together in the cold
these times we call: family bonding
we are trying now to put Agril cloth around the intake
hopefully that works


Angela Bouwman said...

I'm sure Olga and Stephen are happy to miss out on this family bonding.

Anja said...

yeah, you may be right Angela