Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Shed gets raised

The front wall of the second part is going up

Time to raise the trusses
 Fred is checking if everything is clear for lifting
up she goes
Amos holding one of the guiding ropes
Danny gives instructions to the crane operator

Terry and apprentice Dakota

untying the ropes 

Next part

Ezra working on squaring up the trusses


The shop front part is strategically placed

and raised
Jonas seemed the most comfortable with heights

Nathan hammering the wood over the steel rods

Alvin's dad drops off steel
he told me "Steel is going up"
and then he smiled pointing at the crane lifting the roof steel

for us it was a morning to see others work


Olga Shaffer said...

Thanks for posting pictures! I really wanted to see how it looked. What a tall shed!

Anja said...

Yes, it looks good, our internet was working well for a bit, so I could post this morning. Glad I did for now it is not so good