Friday, September 25, 2015

Mapleton Organic

we went with the Ag-women group to Mapleton Organic

the cows are real up close

Arla the herd manager

just like us they have a voluntary milking system

they have a barn where there are pigs, calves, and chickens

and some turkeys
it's not a petting zoo but to teach about farming
This teaches crop rotation


besides ice-cream they have yoghurt

saw some coffee-Break friends

bought some specialty ice cream
dandelion, pumpkin and chai
we ate the dandelion already yummy!!


Olga Shaffer said...

Looks fun. I didn't know they had Lely robots.

Anja said...

yes they do, they have quite the job of educating people about farming. On purpose they call the milking system "voluntary milking system" it makes people feel better that cows choose to milk themselves. It is absolutely true, language is important, so if that sounds better then "robotic milking" that's what we should all call it :)