Saturday, January 27, 2018

Start of the A4

so many people, and there were even more then the vehicles suggest

everything looks so new

feed in the trough, the black rectangle that says Lely gave us grief
it is the tag reader, it worked some of the time

if it hadn't worked at all we would have replaced it right away.
now we tried for a few hours

first cow in the new robot

we were to optimistic, thinking our cows are used to a robot
but everything smelled new and different noises
we needed help

on Days like this you need friends 

at 3AM all our 62 cows went through once
we went to bed and 
at 7 AM there had been 91 milkings
that was better then I anticipated

here you can see a whole bunch of cows waiting to get in
they are not separated, they can walk through the whole barn

cows like to be milked by a robot, they line up for it

some need to get over the change, but they will learn too

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