Saturday, October 26, 2013

Classis Meeting

we got lots of papers to look through

Do you know the girl on the left Olga & Angie?
Used to come here with youth stuff
such a nice back yard, but such crappy weather

I had taken boots along to go for a hike but it was very muddy


Olga Shaffer said...


ANGE POOT said...

Yep, she was the first face I saw in that picture. Just talked to her a couple weeks ago when I was in Hamilton!

Anja said...

Janine says hi too. Hannah is working in the church in Hamilton as a youth coordinator.

Olga Shaffer said...

I was excited to see Janine in the picture too. :) I haven't seen her in a few years. I hope we'll be able to catch up again someday.
I hope Hannah's enjoying her work as the youth coordinator.

ANGE POOT said...

I definitely did not look very closely at that picture. Everyone is familiar, which shouldn't come as a surprise :)