Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SHIP November

We tried something new at SHIP
we have a phone and we wanted to see if people would text us

The other new thing was
 to see if there would be interest to go on a mission trip
kind of new, from being away, Angie was back
There are a lot of young people staying for fellowship
at the coffee house
This was our subject:
one of the questions was the reliability of the bible
here is one answer to that question:
Some critics doubt that we even have the original New Testament. This issue can only be settled by using bibliographical tests for reliability,
 . Compare to other great works (MSS = manuscripts):
Author Date Written Earliest MSS Time Span No. MSS
Caesar 100–44 BC AD 900 1,000 yrs 10
Plato 427–347 BC AD 900 1,200 yrs 7
Thucydides 460–400 BC AD 900 1,300 yrs 8
Tacitus AD 100 AD 1100 1,000 yrs 20
Suetonius AD 75–160 AD 950 800 yrs 8
Homer (Iliad) 900 BC 400 BC 500 yrs 643
New Testament AD 40–100 AD 125 25–50 yrs >24,000!    

“The evidence for our New Testament writings is ever so much greater than the evidence for many writings of classical authors, the authenticity of which no-one dreams of questioning. And if the New Testament were a collection of secular writings, their authenticity would generally be regarded as beyond all doubt.

so, why don't you start reading?
read through the whole book or read the gospels for a year
January: Matthew, February: Mark, March Luke, April: John, May: Matthew

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Olga Shaffer said...

Looks like it was a good evening. Did the text-in work well? Looks fun.