Monday, September 21, 2015

Hariston Demolition Derby

Curtis' car got done in time for the derby

The first round they got to watch

these front wheel drive cars go at it pretty fast

I didn't get why this guy kept hitting his car

Curtis just started and got hit

didn't see much

the pit crew (Jerred and Marc) had to work hard

they sprayed the track


the next round someone cheated, he had water in his tires

consolation round

always exciting when there is a little fire

the car is done


Olga Shaffer said...

Did "The Rookie" win again?

Anja said...

I am not even sure who won. I think a number in the fifties. But the weird thing was that that one was in the process of being counted down and 00 would have won. Then 00 hit the other car's driver's door and was disqualified. that was not a smart move.