Sunday, November 8, 2015

Last Turkey Trip Post

we were in the middle of a town called Derinkuyu
had no idea what we were looking at
we went down
Apparently there was a whole city underneath the city
carved out in the volcanic tuff rock
long narrow hall ways
opening up in larger rooms
what we'd seen outside had been an air / water shaft

the narrow passage ways were for defensive purposes
we saw 3 stones 
that could be used to close off a passageway
this is where people went to hide
we went down to a deep level where there had been a church
On the wall were several crosses
a connection with our persecuted brothers and sisters
as to say "don't forget us"
we came up again,
amazed to hear that they'd found 23 such places in this city alone
next we went to an area where people hid in plain sight
it is a surreal landscape
(used in movies)

we visited some cave churches
The later the date, the more elaborate the decorations
More doctrine, less scriptural
worship more individualistic, loss of community
the church seemed to have lost it's roots
but there was hope, a soup kitchen
build in the time of Gregory, Gregory and Basil
we are the church and we have to reach out in community
we had a group picture taken
and the 2 of us
with difficulty we climbed in another cave
this had been a very early church
Anchor cross in the ceiling

 we had communion
and our Rabbi put dirt on our shoes with the challenge to:
meaning, following the Rabbi so close
that you are covered with the dust of his feet


Olga Shaffer said...

Did you have people on your trip who were claustrophobic? We did on ours. I don't think they would have been able to go to that underground city.

Anja said...

One girl was hyper ventilating, but she managed to go all the way. That was impressive

Olga Shaffer said...

That is very impressive. When we went through Herod's sewer system in Jerusalem, we had several people who had difficulty with the closed in space, but one girl had extreme difficulty. She made it too though.